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The Novalliance organization is composed of a Group Management Committee (CODIR) and three job committees which lead and deploy the approved strategy for 2030. This strong and ambitious governance is a new form of participative democracy which combines the innovation and development of its managers who support and develop the organization. The CODIR and the three committees are made of members from the Group’s different job categories.

In the coming years, Novalliance will continue to expand. Thanks to this new structuring, the organization is now ready to pursue new markets while continuing to help producers to cultivate more and better.



The Agroexcellence committee guides and supervises the distribution strategy. This will essentially include managing the distribution companies (Partners) as well as network development via the creation of new Partners and the opening of new stores. The committee is composed of several collaborators from distribution companies.

President: Nathalie ISSORAT

Director of Distribution Networks

The Nova Industry committee leads and coordinates the strategy of industrial activities (seeds, other agricultural inputs, the public, professional…) and the brand strategy of the organization on different sites. It is made up of marketing, factory, and logistical collaborators.

President: Mélanie CHICHERY

TECHNISEM General Manager / Group Vegetable Seeds Marketing Manager

The Novatech committee manages the technical occupations of the organization (laboratory, research, seed production, quality, phytopathology…). It is made up of collaborators from laboratories, stations, seed production, and product marketing.

President: Florine POIROUX

Group Research and Station Manager