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The objective of the research sector of the Novalliance group is to provide high-yield and adapted varieties that meet the expectations of producers in tropical areas. In order to achieve this, variety selection is carried out in five countries under varied climate and soil conditions, which are representative of those present in the majority of production zones where the seeds are sold.

A pool of expertise and research methods support plant breeding.


  • 3 research stations
  • 1 plant pathology laboratory

Selection for windy countries in the Sahel region, with a maritime influence.

Burkina Faso

  • 1 research station

Selection for very hot countries in the Sahel region, with a continental influence.

1 station de recherche
1 laboratoire de phytopathologie

Selection for countries with a humid tropical climate.


1 research station

Selection for high-altitude areas.


1 testing/production station

Support for production and testing issues.

Research focuses on African-style vegetables such as African eggplant (Jaxatu), okra, bissap, chinense, short day onions or amaranth but also on globally known species such as tomato or watermelon. For each one it tries to bring, among other things, a good harvest precocity, a very good productivity and a good shelf life after harvest. Particular attention is given to the search for resistance to tropical diseases.
Developing a new variety is a long process and it may take up to ten years before a variety that is totally adapted to growers emerges.

Founded in July 2014, Nova Genetic is the Novalliance Group’s research and innovation cluster. His work is divided into three main activities:

  • Coordination of the research activities of the Novalliance group. Nova Genetic is the link between the various entities and the various services: Production and Marketing.
  • Openness and innovation through collaborative research with research institutes or other private companies.
  • Project management and business development.

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