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At the heart of the Novalliance group, Production activities aim to supply quality seeds and the best possible price and time frames, in order to best respond to the markets we serve.

To best respond to your commercial needs, after evaluating stocks, sale forecasts, and production estimates from our suppliers. The seeds are produced by Novalliance all around the world, within ongoing research of the best climate conditions and suppliers, and optimal risk sharing. Novalliance is special in its ability to work closely with the Group’s research stations, which are located in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Madagascar. In fact, part of the seeds are produced in these stations, by the production teams. To do so, they stay in daily contact with the on-site teams. The Production teams can count on the support of the research teams, whose mission is to propose new varieties that are adapted to the needs of the vegetable market and consumers in general.