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Novalliance groups together companies with various areas of expertise, for the purpose of meeting all the specific needs of the seed industry. From the creation of a company, to quality control of seeds, or management consulting, the service companies of the Novalliance group deploy their teams in the field in to meet these needs.


3 African companies (in Senegal, Burkina and Cameroon) were created in order to answer with more reactivity and relevance to the challenges of its customers. Thus, a powerful network of auditors, developers, animators, communicators is ready to take up the craziest challenges of a company.

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SeedLab is the quality control laboratory of the Novalliance group. It has three missions: the coordination of seed quality control, the development of seed treatments adapted to tropical climatic conditions and the proposal of an offer of analysis tools for the field.

Quality is our top priority

Our laboratory specializes in the quality control of vegetable and flower seeds, and is built on 35 years of experience. As part of the development of the Novalliance group, the laboratory became an independent organization, created in July 2014.
Its motto is reliability and fast results. The laboratory participates in the working group “Physical and Germination Quality” of the Vegetable and Flower Section of the UFS (Union Française des Semenciers) [ French Seed Company Union] for the development of laboratory analysis and calibration methods, in order to guarantee reliable results.
SeedLab has been a member of the ISTA (International Seed Testing Association), since February 2016 and as such, participates in proficiency testing.

Our areas of focus:

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  • Physiological and physical quality control: germination tests, moisture content, 1000 seed weight and analytical purity. Each year, SeedLab performs more than 7,000 seed analysis.
  • Variety verification: through a network of efficient stations
    SeedLab coordinates a network of stations for variety verification in micro-batches. In Senegal, Madagascar, and Burkina Faso, the teams are specialized in the identification of varieties. The great diversity among these stations (climate, soil, pest pressure) makes it possible to perform tests throughout the year, based on the desired criteria.
  • Molecular marker-assisted variety verification.
    Alongside traditional tests, the laboratory develops molecular marker-assisted variety verifiction in collaboration with specialized providers.
  • Provide solutions: SeedLab offers different rapid analysis kits to allow the quality testing of seed stocks, plants or soil: diagnostic sanitary control kits, soil analysis kits.
  • Training and expertise: the laboratory actively involved in ensuring quality in the field, through local training, directed at station technicians, sales personnel and development teams. SeedLab’s focus is on developing tests which correspond to local realities. Together, we identify your needs and develop tools tailored to your requirements.

Thanks to rigorous work and an in-depth knowledge of seeds, SeedLab is a partner of choice to help guide you through your quality control process.