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Novalliance: working together to face the COVID-19 health crisis

Since the beginning of the year, the world has been hit by a strong spread of COVID-19. This pandemic requires very strong decisions to be taken both for the general population and for businesses. Indeed, populations must now learn to live differently in order to face this catastrophic health situation.

Within the Novalliance group, the reaction was quick with the setting up of a crisis unit to take Group decisions. The first measure taken was to cancel all international trips and Group meetings. The Novalliance management wishes above all to protect its employees and their families.

Communication at the Group level has also been a priority from the beginning, so that all the protection measures and gestures of use are put in place within each company. The managers have also taken all necessary measures within their companies to limit the impact of COVID-19 and to guarantee protection for Novalliance employees.

This unprecedented global crisis will have a real impact on the whole world economy. Today, COVID-19 is the biggest challenge we face: Novalliance will continue to move forward and together we will defeat this pandemic.

Novalliance, a different world vision