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Novalliance forms a complete and strong unit which covers its markets’ principal territories thanks to a diversified distribution network with continued growth.

The organization currently has two distribution circuits:

1) An exclusive distribution circuit between the Technisem company and the 29 Partners (partner companies) present in Africa.

In a country, once a Partner is created, Technisem no longer sells directly to distributors, instead going through the Partner. These companies generally have a headquarters in one of the country’s main cities, and then open secondary stores. This allows the maximum territory to be covered in order to be near producers and ensure a continuous high-quality supply. At the local level, distribution at the Partner is organized as follows:

A sales team in the field and store, tasked with ensuring client relationships by prospecting, sales promotion, sales, and customer loyalty.
A team of development agents, tasked with promoting our products and providing technical assistance to producers.
An administrative, sales, and financial team which supervises and coordinates activities.
Our goal is to develop our network with new establishments while consolidating existing Partners in order to ensure comprehensive coverage. This large network of distributors and sales teams forms an effective and qualified sales force, positioned closely to producers, guaranteeing advice and technical support.

2) A distribution circuit between Technisem and direct clients, when a country does not have an established Partner.

Historically, Technisem has always worked with independent but regular clients. Today, in 2022, the company includes 50 of them, distributed in more than 45 countries.

This network is strategically significant because it provides the information and inspiration which permeates its thinking, and participates very actively in the growth and development of the Novalliance organization.