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At the present time, the Novalliance group has several industrial sites in France, Spain and the United States.

The main site is Technisem, based in Longué-Jumelles (49) in France. The plant covers a surface area of approximately 8,000 sq m. This very modern facility is a real asset for the Novalliance group and its development. It has a fleet of high-performance packaging machines and a large storage capacity.

Our other sites, based in Spain and the United States, enable us to increase our supply capacity.


In order to guarantee optimal seed quality, we store them in temperature-and humidity-controlled rooms. Our warehouses are also equipped with steel racks and have wide aisles to ensure optimal use of floor space and clearly show the arrangement of our products.

Seed processing

In order to better meet customer demands, the Novalliance group uses an increasingly rigorous and effective production process. After we receive the seeds in bulk, they undergo a quality control process. Species requiring additional cleaning pass through a brushing stage. Following this, we apply a coating treatment, and then our seeds are dried to extract any humidity resulting from the treatment.


Our industrial sites are equipped with high-performance packaging machines, adapted to our activity and our production rate criteria. In addition, our packaging has been researched and adapted to the constraints and climatic conditions of tropical areas. In fact, all our packages are completely airtight to guarantee optimal storage of our seeds, and preserve their quality. We also have a large range of packaging options (pouches and cans) designed for different weights in grams, enabling us to better meet the various needs of our markets.